Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sakit penghapus dosa

I underestimate my body. 
I misjudged my body. 
I ignore my body. 

Alhamdulillah have been blessed with healthy life for nearly 25 years. All my siblings and parents have asthma. Easily fell sick whenever weather changed or travelling.

But not me. 

Wont fall sick (fever especially) for more than max 2 days. 

I know my body. Took panadols or painkillers, sleep for entire day/night. 
Woke up feeling so fresh like nothing happens over the night. 

But not this time.

I ignore all the signs. 
I thought I can handle it. 
I thought its gonna be okay. 

But guess what. ALLAH wants show me who is more powerful. Who know my body more than me. 

Been in and out of fever since Sunday. Thats 4 days. High fever. Constantly between 38 to 39 celcius. 

But I was stubborn. 
I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to finish my work. I wanted to eat everything. 

Result: flat all day. Went to office with pale face. Feeling high after taking medicine. 

Sakit tu penghapus dosa. 
Tapi at the same time, a sign that I should lead my way more to Akhirat. Not Dunya. 

Got it?

K bye. Sambung tidur. 

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