Thursday, May 14, 2015


Its just feels right. 
Like seriously. Finally! 

Grey's Anatomy season 11 is for more a bit boring. Not much drama. Not much emotions. For few episodes, yes. 

But not like other previous season (maybe S05 to S08; i think so) which I cried for every single episode. 

I miss George. And Lexie. And Mark. 
And Christina, if course! 

I keep wondering whats gonna happens next. I mean, its already S11. 

And not expecting anything related to Derek and Meredith. They are the main couple. They owned the story. (Ok maybe more to Meredith) 

They are the best example (in drama) how two surgeons happily married and have kids and save people. 

True love does exist. 
(Its just me who didn't able to find it yet)

So long and goodbye Derek. 
Im gonna miss you. 
Its sad to see how you save people but the doctors unable to do anything to you. 

(Yes, I know. Its just a tv series)

I cried. 
For Derek. 
And Meredith. 

Thank you Grey's Anatomy. 
I never love surgeries and blood and hospitals in real life. 
But I made it here. 
11 season of sad full of emotions drama series.  

(Gonna buy more Sacoor Brothers clothes later. Hahaha)

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