Sunday, December 20, 2015


Tokyo was awesome.

Except for few things;

  1. I don't really enjoy eating their food - Don't get me wrong. Just that I'm not a fish eater and I love spicy food. 
  2. Limited things to shop - I visit Japan during Autumn. They started to sell Winter clothes. Malaysia is not 4 season country. So, no option for clothes. Thank GOD I bring enough clothes. 
  3. Not enough time to cover all - They have so many tourist / nice place. Unfortunately, distance from one place to another was quite far. And by 4pm, it's already dark. 
  4. Disneysea was crowded - like seriously, on weekdays! They just love amusement park I guess.
  5. Expensive! - Everything was a bit pricey. Well, I didn't really care for first 2 days; until I realize, we have limited money.  

I don't mind staying there. 
Or visit Tokyo again. 

Just need more time and extra money.

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