Monday, March 30, 2015

While doing laundry

So I was doing my weekly laundry (which I usually do on weekend but its its okay its different story) at the normal Do you own laundry place. 

Well you know the one where you put all your baju then pay then wait for half hour then put in the dryer and pay then wait again. 

Because its always rain and i dont have time to do it. Plus limited place to dry it at home. 

So one random guy kindly ask me how to use the machine. So I showed it to him. Just to be a kind girl and of course a friendly girl. 

Then he started to make a conversation with me. I was like okayyy fine. Replied few questions. Then he started to asked me questions which I dont think a random guy should ask to a random girl; at a laundry place. 

He asked me if I'm still single. Okay fine I'm single. Then next ques are;
 "when are you planning to get married?" "This year or next year?" 
"Will you do the engagement then the nikah or just nikah?"

Okay I honestly think thats too much and invaded my privacy. Ok so I'm still single and have no planning on marriage yet (for now - obviously I plan to get married later). But still would you be ok if a random guy asked you all those questions? 

Even IF I are actually planning to have my wedding this year, I wont tell you the details. 

So because I felt uncomfortable talking about those stuffs, I lied. On everything. 

I lied that I have a bf now. And I am planning to get married soon. And my bf is 28 years old. (eventhough Jiran is actually 30 yrs but its okay as he looked young)

I was ok on the other stuff such as GST, oil price is hiking, insufficient monthly salary, etc. seriously I dont mind.

Eventhough our way of thinking obviously different but well, i do understand. Different people have different view. 

But a random guy asking about personal life that is a BIG NO for me. 

I wish he have a good life and will meet someone nice that suits him. Ameen. 

And for me to be in love and married to Jiran (cant reveal his name) and be happy forever. Ameen. 

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