Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Asset(s) & Liabilities

For some people, buying a new phone or even a new car is easy. A piece of cake. 

They can buy any model at any point of time; without hesitation. 

Not for me. 

I learn the hard way. 
If you want something, work for it. Save every penny you have. 

And yes, I did that for almost everything. 
Maybe not ALL but some of it. 
I try my best to save everything; reduce unnecessary shopping, refrain myself from using credit card. 

Plus, buying or owning something new means new asset acquired. But at the same time, I increased my own liabilities. 

Because I spend it on my assets and reduce my bank account balance; thus, reducing my allocation for something else in the future; or for emergency use. 

Boy, it was hard.  

Tak, langsung tak niat nak bangga diri. Or nak jadi riak. Sekadar peringatan; untuk diri sendiri and orang lain. 

Sebab kadang kadang, bila tengok sekeliling macam terdetik di hati. 
Senang nya diorg beli baru. Senang nya hidup bila mintak mesti dapat. Senang nya bila tak cukup duit bayar bil, orang bayarkan. 

Tapi, ada hikmahnya. 

Bila beli anything dengan duit poket hasil usaha kerja setiap hari, rasa lebih appreciate. 

That feeling. 
Its mine.  
I buy this with my own salary. 

Semoga murah rezeki yang halal dan diberkati. 

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