Thursday, December 25, 2014

it's been a while, right?

its just feels weird.

like really weird.

and i can't stand it anymore.

i mean, come on.
do good to people, okay.
i just want to avoid any bad things happen in future.

been there, feel that.
and its not a good feeling.

the one that you don't want (EVER) have again.

Yes, I know; it's only been few days.
And now, I'm complaining about it?

Like seriously Yana?

but, well, maybe it's not the right time yet.
and not the right person.

Allah knows better; that's for sure.

on the side note;
Pray for the safety of East Coast people.
And, amazingly, Pavillion was quite empty today (read; less crowded) and finding a parking space was pretty easy too!
Oh and of course, I miss kitkat. :(

Stay safe people!

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