Sunday, October 26, 2014


Paling penting.

I'm now becoming a person who will plan for everything.
Tapi kadang kadang random. Tapi random plan. Yela, mana boleh tiba tiba cakap nak pergi JPO tapi tak discuss nak bertolak pukul brapa. So basically, kena plan jugak. Cuma jadi Random plan.

I'm used to plan and plan and plan; for countless times.
Biasa lah. Kalau plan untuk benda 2-3 tahun in future, tak semestinya berjaya kan.

I planned for almost everything back in 2010.
EVERYTHING. Even for small things.
When im graduating, where to work, my position, my department, the location, the company, the basic pay, my expenses, where im gonna stay, with who, where and when im travelling for vacation and the list go on.

But, well.
Kita merancang, Allah yang tentukan.

Everything failed.
That's definitely not the best option for me back then. Thus, I need to plan again for everything.
Siapa lah diri ni nak argue balik why it didn't go the way I want.
I accept it. And of course plan everything again.

No, not going to write on the new plan yet.
I'll wait till end of the year to write it.
Something just happen. And we didn't expect it to be this way.
But, again, siapalah kita nak lawan perancangan Allah.

Each time bad things happen, I just remind myself;
All the bad things; dugaan yang berlaku is ujian Allah. And Allah takkan uji kita kalau tak mampu.
Semua untuk bagi kita kuat.

So, chin up and smile.
It might be raining heavily now, but I'm sure (InsyaAllah) the sun will shine brighter tomorrow.

Over buat peribahasa sendiri yana oii. 

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