Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pink Shirt

Today was the group photo shoot session. So we decided to wear blue.
everyone agreed include the manager.

During lunch time, we were discussion on color scheme. As one of our team member buy stuffs for his house yesterday; and everything was in the same color scheme. He just like to play safe with colors.

So we asked, why guys didn't like to wear colorful shirt? Particularly, Pink.

One said, he is okay with all color as his wife take charge of his clothes. Thus, explain why he was forced (and used to) different color.

The other one (who brought the stuffs) said He just don't like colors. HAHA.

So we asked more.

If your girlfriend (he still single btw) asked you to wear pink shirt, will you wear it?
He said; No. I won't wear it just because she asked.
We asked : What if she wants to break up with you? Just because of the pink shirt.
He replied ; Nobody will argue or break up because of shirt color. If yes, then she's not the one. Will you do it?

I replied;
Well, maybe. I just want to wear the same color. As couple.

And of course, everyone mad at me after that. HAHA

well, its just for fun.
Of course it will be ridiculous to argue or worst; break up over shirt color.

(but sometimes, it can be one of many many reasons)

I should run away and hide now

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