Saturday, July 19, 2014

innocent teammate

teammate : How do you guys survive during Ramadhan? You guys didn't feel thirsty?
Me : Nope. Yeah, sometimes (always) feel hungry or tired. But, we survive.
Teammate : But, you will talk with people. Then walk/moving around. How?
Me : Hmmm, yeah we talk but its okay. And we just avoid moving around too much under sun.
Teammate : Yes, you didnt look tired. I'm amazed. I will try to fast one day.

Then, few minutes later, I went to his desk and saw he put his water bottles under his table.

Me : Why you put the water here?
Teammate : Because you are fasting. I cannot drink in front of you.

I won't mind if people drinking or eating in front of me. Yeah, its to respect people but its okay.
I don't really mind.
But here, everyone literally fasting.

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