Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I watched the new Korean reality-series/drama called Roomates.
So basically, its show who few artist; who previously stayed alone, or with family or friends; given the opportunity to live in one big house.

Apparently, its happen for me too; just recently.

For the past two months, i'm staying alone in one hotel/service apartment provided by the company.
I cooked anything that I feel like I want to eat. I go out and back anytime I want. I sleep and wake up anytime. Take the metro to office anytime. And of course, wear anything that I feel like.

Back in KL, I drive alone everyday to office. And mostly do my grocery shopping alone too.
So I'm used to do mostly everything by my own. Mostly, not All.

Last week, they asked me to  move and stay with the other girls. Well, I did argue but I guess, its okay. Time to try how to stay with few people. So, I moved in.

Can't sleep on first night. Its normal. And the pillow was not fluffy at all.
Woke up the next day, feeling tired but its okay.
After work, time for dinner. Its not easy to make decision on what's for dinner.
Someone wants to eat rice, the other wants something else.
And of course, need to consider everyone preferences or their diet.

I didn't say its not good. Its good; for networking. To be close to one another.
But it takes time. And I don't know how long.
I'm just too comfortable and used the way I am before.
Well, I guess, its time to change.

I'll try. Try hard to be comfortable with the others and of course makes them comfortable.
Few months to go.
And I definitely not sure; should I rent a room and stay with strangers; or rent a house all by myself; or stay at my sister place.

Hard decision.

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